Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Many Things to Love, Part 2

Well, it's June. And I live in Belmont (which is not too shabby) with Steph (who is pretty fancy and fab). But I realized I have been neglecting loving things since my move. Well, let's say this... one thing I DON'T love is moving. I hate it. HATE IT. HAAAAAAAAAATE IIIIIIIT.

But on to more positive things...

1. Riding my bike.

God, I love that bike. Even when I am riding up a hill and want to die there is a part of me that is still having fun. Riding a bike reminds me of being a kid (which as you all know is my life goal: to be as childish as possible while still paying my bills). I even looked online to see if I could get handlebar streamers for my bike. No lie. I didn't purchase them. But I thought about it. I also have a really great helmet. 

I look cool, right? Don't even answer. I know I do.

2. Saag Paneer

I could eat this everyday for the rest of time. And I mean everyday. One time I had it for at least one meal a day for 6 days. And I didn't get sick of it. Also, I love rice. Especially basmati rice. It's so nutty. I recently discovered that you can buy the TV Dinner version of Saag Paneer at Trader Joe's. You better believe I have at least 4 of them in my freezer at all times. This leads me to my next love.

3. Trader Joe's

It is here I must confess I f*cking hate Whole Foods. 

Because it is pretentious. Whole Foods is still a chain. Whole Foods is still big business. Now, of course, there are certain things I can only obtain from big businesses (i.e. my face lotion, my soy free meatless crumbles, and, apparently, taco shells), but I do so begrudgingly. I walked into Whole Foods to purchase the aforementioned list of goods just the other day. It was really crowded. And everyone was all clean. And I was super sweaty from riding my bike and had helmet hair. I enjoyed being in that big, clean place all gross. I might have bumped into people on purpose. I might have even considered peeing in one of the aisles just to see what the pseudo-crunchy, pretentious, Whole Foods shoppers would do. I didn't. I purchased my items, rubbed my sweaty armpit on some lame, hetero-normative douche-ster, and then went across the street to Trader Joes.

WHERE ALL IS BEAUTY. Trader Joe's are always smaller and hence more manageable. I am pretty sure TJ's is still big business. But they feel... I don't know... less antiseptic. Their produce isn't great, but their prices make up for it. My boxed Saag cost $3. The people who work at Trader Joe's are always nice. Normal people can shop there. I feel it is free of pretention. And their employees wear T-shirts with flowers on them. I like flowers. When I moved into my new house, Stephanie had left me flowers in my room. Isn't that nice? She is nice.

**Addendum - I know a lot of my friends shop at Whole Foods. Know that I am not talking about you when I talk about pseudo-crunchy pretentious Whole Foods shoppers. Know that when you shop at Whole Foods  you up the coolness of their clientele by a million. The. End.

**Second Addendum - I just realized there are some redeeming aspects to Whole Foods. They do sell some local fare, which I appreciate. And you can get grass-fed beef there. And they sell freshly baked sprouted grain bread which is SUPER DELICIOUS. So let me rephrase. I only sort of hate Whole Foods. And I think that is mostly cause it is so expensive, and I feel like good, clean food should be affordable for all people. EVERY PERSON should have access to it. It is ridiculous to me that good food in this country is only available to those of a certain socio-economic class. Ass. Okay. Done for reals now.

4. The Civil Wars

They. Are. Awesome.

And also I have those shoes.

If you are a little gay for Joy, don't worry. You aren't alone.

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