Thursday, June 30, 2011

Abbreviating Words

So just now I was just telling friend Katie about how attractive all my friends are. Please see the evidence below.

Yeah that's right. You should all be jealous.

So while talking to Katie I used the word "uggo," which made me laugh uproariously alone here in my office. Then I started thinking about how frequently I abbreviate words. And how the abbreviations would annoy Jan and save me probably 1 quarter of a second. I think if I added up all the time I saved abbreviating words I would have enough time saved to bake myself a pie. Except I wouldn't. Whatever time I save I use oversleeping, walking really slow, talking about feelings and hugging. 

Here is a list of abbreviations I like using. 

1) NBD
2) tots
3) adorbs
4) sers
5) uggo
6) yog
7) theraped

I will now use all of these in a sentence. 

"Yesterday on my way to yog I saw a dog who was sers tots adorbs. Then on my way to get theraped I saw a dog who was a bit of an uggo but I wanted to pet him anywho. NBD."

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  1. You forgot LTD! And Deb Win! Smiley Face Emoticon.