Monday, June 13, 2011

Terrance and Manny

So I would like to start off this blog with some serious thoughts, and then I am going to take a break from loving serious things for a while, at least via the interwebz.

In my last blog, I said that if God hates anyone he hates people who hate my gays. Or something like that. And after an intense comment, some extensive conversations with Soul Twin and Jan (at 1 in the morning), and Mom, Dad and Brosef the following day, in addition to 2:30am emailing with the Besties, I have decided to share the following: it is hard not to get caught up in hate, and I was wrong to say that. The point of that specific blog was to share the lessons I learned while healing from my brother's death inside my community of lesbians. And though we should all be angry about the civil injustices happening everyday inside our own country and in the world, every conservative opinion has the same complex narrative behind it as a liberal one. Of course, I still think my opinion is the correct one. All those who know me know I am nothing if not opinionated. But I don't do myself (or my dear queer friends or my fellow fatties) any favors by trying to force or shame other people into agreeing with me. I am not apologizing for what I think or feel, but for forgetting that each person has a story to which, as a human being, I have a responsibility to respond with some modicum of compassion.

So that's that.

This is Mimi and her baby, Puppy. Mimi is KIND OF magical. Kind of? Mimi IS magical. And Puppy is pretty much the cutest little bean ever. He is missing some teeth and so his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. 

GAH. Death by Cute.

Anywho, this past Friday Mimi and I went to a craft night at Mimi's favorite store ( and made two friendly friends, Terrance and Manny. They are manatee-birds. Mimi named them thus because, though they are TECHNICALLY birds, they came out looking like manatees with felt wings.

Pretty Awesome, no? Mimi and I are pretty amazing seamstresses... clearly. 

Every time I do a craft project I always end up over-accessorizing and Terrance was no exception. 

Terrance has stars for eyes. But I sewed them too high so it looks like he has two star barrettes in his bird-hair. He is also wearing a necklace with a blue button pendant shaped like a small boy. He also has a pierced wing. It is pierced with a sparkly blue jewel.

When I got home on Friday night I spend 30 minutes sewing Terrance to one of my headbands so that I could wear it to Pride on Saturday. And then, I forgot to put the headband on, so Terrance was left at home. He was pretty pissed. He peed on my bed while I was gone. And then took a crap in my shoes. Don't piss off a manatee-bird.

Now here are some "Things Deb Loves" exclusive photos.

MANATEE BIRDS: They're just like you!

They eat Pizza!

They Photobomb!

They snack on Chips!

They love Guacamole!

My final thoughts: I took a shower last night so today my hair looks like this.


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