Wednesday, April 18, 2012


That's right. I'm talking about vagina medicine. After discussing my vagina problems with Brooke at dinner last night (you know you have a good friend when you can discuss your infected genitalia over Indian Food) I made her go with me to CVS to purchase the medicines. She was, in true Brooke fashion, completely unphased by me requesting her presence at the pharmacy. My reasoning was this, "If you come with me, it will be funny because then we'll be two people laughing over my who-ha. But if you don't, I'll just be the sad girl with the infected bajingo." Sound reasoning, my friends. So I purchased the medicines, and when the check out man went to put it in a plastic CVS bag, I said, "I have a bag!" And instructed him to drop the package in the brown paper bag containing my leftovers. He laughed while he did it. This of course made it EXTRA fun cause then we were THREE people laughing about my who-ha.

Monistat and Mint Chutney: a killer combo

Friday, April 6, 2012

Keep Calm and Wear a Tutu: $4 Super Tight Pencil Skirt

About 6 months ago I decided to be more fashionably proactive at Thrift Stores because my darling Elizabeth and I frequent them so often for affordable lunchtime adventures. This means that instead of disregarding second hand clothing stores as places where only normal sized peops could find great used clothes, I was going to open my mind to 

A) trying on clothes that might not fit in the off chance that they might and 
B) really searching the racks for clothes in my size. 

It remains one of the best resolutions I've ever had. 

Last month my darling Elizabeth discovered a tiny church thrift store in Harvard Square that I will not name because I don't want it to get too well known and then have people swarm it and steal all of our good deals (not the BEST attitude to have about a Church Thrift store, but there you have it). Elizabeth walked out of the store with a veritable bevy of delights, while I left with what I believe to be the ultimate thrift store purchase: a lined, wool pencil skirt that fits me perfectly AND cost $4.


The one problem is it fits me SO well sitting down is difficult and bending down is impossible, so when I arrived at work this morning I had to go trasping around the sociology department to find someone to buckle my super cute shoes for me. Friend Kimberly to the rescue!!!

Skirt: Thrifted, $4
Top: Old Navy, $15
Tights: Target, $4
Belt: Ashley Stewart, $10
Shoes: MizMooz Chai Pump via Nordstrom Rack $60
Hands: Non-existent
Photographer: Enthusiastic

And here's a shot of my sweet ass.