Monday, August 16, 2010

The Weekend Edition: August 14-15, 2010

Olive, Mona, Deuce, Lulu and Carter

Okay, so this past weekend I was in the Berkshires with my glorious friends, Dee and Heather. And though there were lots of things to love about this weekend (i.e. Dee and Heather, Leslie, Claudia, brunch with my peops, laying on a blanket under a big tree in the sunshine, walking around the aforementioned big tree trying to find some ground flat enough to do a forearm balance, eating dinner at the Dreamaway, sitting by the fire at the Dreamaway, and singing rufus at the top of my lungs while sticking my head out the window of Dee and Heather's car) the part of the weekend I would like to highlight, is that part where I pet dogs. Lots of dogs.

Meet Olive. 

Olive is a French Bulldog. Olive comes to work with her mommy who is the manager of the store on the first floor of my former office building. Olive has pointy ears and snorts when she gets excited.

We played fetch with Olive's teal and pink toy. Clearly, Olive has very good taste in toys. 

Meet Mona.

Mona. Has. Three. Legs. I have never in my life wanted anything more than a three-legged dog. Not to mention Mona is the size of small horse. She also does not beg for attention. She purposely sits away from everyone and waits for you to come to her. And you will. Because she is a three-legged horse dog with poofy, white fur.


Meet Deuce.

This is Deuce with Heather. He is a MAN dog. With a bandana around his neck. Deuce appreciates good accessories. 

I've decided Deuce is my perfect man, but he is a dog. He is large and hairy (ESPECIALLY his chest) and slightly stupid, which means I would be smarter which I 'm okay with. On occassion, I am a fan of being intellectually superior to dogs and men.

Dog Hand.

Meet Lulu.

I knelt down to pet Lulu and ended up cuddling with her for 10 minutes. It was probably the best 10 minutes of my life.

Meet Carter.

Carter is the dog who lives at the Dreamaway Lodge. I fed him a potato chip from Dee's plate so that he would let me pet him for longer. It didn't work. He took my potato chip and abandoned me. I only cried for a couple minutes. I soothed myself with Meatloaf and a Brownie sundae.

Did you know I love Dogs? Cause I do. If I had to make a comprehensive list of things that I love it would go like this:

1) People I love (you know... Dad, Mom etc.)
2) Dogs
3) My bed
4) Ricotta Pie

That is all.

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