Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nimbus, Children's Lunchboxes and Natalie Nayler and Christina Rogers

1. Nimbus 

Nimbus Macleod is a cat. He is big and poofy and when you see him walking from behind it looks like he is wearing hairy pants. He also likes to hang out in paper bags. He is the cutest cat who ever was (except Polly) and is kind of my cat boyfriend.

2. Children's Lunchboxes

 Why would you want to carry your lunch in this...

when you could carry it in this...

or this...

or this...

or even this...


3. Natalie Nayler (formerly Polito) and Christina Rogers (soon to be Christina Rogers Wouters)

Just today I bought tickets for my dear friend Natalie and I to go to our dear friend Christina's wedding next month. I am super excited to not only celebrate Christina beginning her new life with such an awesome dude as Jared, but to party with Natalie. 

My number one favorite memory with Natalie and Christina is when the three of us went to see Kurt Elling at the Doubletree hotel in Cambridge. He was amazing. And SUPER hot. And we took a picture with him. Christina took the picture, which is why she is not in it. I like to think of this day as the first time I ever had DOCUMENTED sexual stirrings. Kurt Elling, you might be short and a little swarmy, but I like what you got going on.

Then Natalie and I had a VERY INTERESTING walk to Central square. And a VERY NERVOUS bus ride down Mass Ave. And then some VERY SPECIAL bonding time at her apartment. If you wish to know more you must ask me in person. This tale is not appropriate for the internet.

 This is a picture from Natalie's wedding. Natalie, as you might have guessed, is the one in the white dress. Christina is in the colorful shirt on the far right. She is doing me a favor by holding the wedding program over my cleavage. Sometimes it gets a little intense.

Gorgeousness incarnate thy name is Natalie.

I love this picture. Cause being in love is clearly awesome. Especially when you are as awesome as Christina and Jared.

Christina and Natalie are GLORIOUS. The End.

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