Thursday, August 12, 2010

Asian Babies, The Common Dog Shuttle Bus and My Sparkly Blue Converse

1. Asian Babies

All babies are cute. But some babies are just cuter than others. It's a biological fact. Asian Babies are cuter. As a side note, I would like to dedicate Love #1 today to Leslie Diane DeRoche, who is moving to China come March, and to Diane and Heather, because they are the best two moms an Asian Baby ever had.

It's a baby in a burger. I. Want. One. A baby and a burger. But mostly a burger. From Friendly's. Cause their meat is shaped like a flower.

This baby is really cute, but I am now obsessed with the idea of a burger.

Oh yeah.

1. (Amended) Asian Babies and Burgers

2. The Common Dog Shuttle Bus

Many moons ago, I was riding the 39 bus down Boylston Street, when we stopped at a stoplight. I looked out the window only to see a white school bus. But instead of children in the seat, there were dogs. Oh, yes. A bus FULL of dogs. I thought, for a moment I was dreaming. Until two days later, same time, same bus, I saw it again. I noticed that on the side of the bus it said "The Common Dog", so I immediately rushed to work to google this glorious company and see if they would hire me as the bus driver of the dog bus. They, unfortunately, were not taking applications at the time, but a girl can dream.

This is what I saw while looking out the bus window. What joy! What bliss!

This is what I like to imagine it looks like on the inside of the bus. Look at the sleepy boxer in the front. He says, "I'm not a morning person." And the little black and white dog says, "Let's cuddle!" And the golden retriever in the second row says, "Where we going? Somewhere fun? OH GOD I HOPE IT'S SOMEWHERE FUN!!!!" And the weimaraner is saying, "Why do so many crazies take public transportation? I need to buy a car." And then the little beagle in the third row says, "I don't WANNA go to school. I want to stay home and play with my MOMMY." Oh little beagle. I feel your pain.

3. My Sparkly Blue Converse

These are my favorite pair of shoes ever. They make me feel super cool when I am wearing them because not only are they chucks, which are bitchin to begin with, but they are also sparkly. Today, as I am feeling rather downtrodden, I am choosing to go on a photographic walk down memory lane, so I can relive all the adventures my sparkly chucks and I have had, and hopefully boost my mood.

This is me and my sparkly chucks doing a jig at the Arcade Fire concert. We loved the Arcade Fire concert, my chucks and me. Not only did we do this jig while waiting for the concert to begin, but we also danced the night away to the oh-so-glorious musics of the Arcade Fire. We even cried a couple times, and held each other. Sometimes, my chucks and I are a little co-dependent.

This is when me and my chucks spent some much-needed cuddle time with Haimisch Zimmerpants at Meryl's most genius of surprise birthday party celebrations on the roof top deck of a bar by Fenway. We had a very good time. We drank beer. We ate Nachos. My chucks love Nachos. We played Birthday Trivia. It was a great time all around. As we were going to sleep, my chucks said, "I wish everyday could be as glorious as today." To which I responded, "Me too, little shoes. Me too."

All right, so this is not a very good picture of me. I am a sweaty beast, and am mid-dance move so it looks like my breasts are trying to escape from my dress, but look at those sparkles! We really tore up the dance floor at Natalie's wedding. My chucks favorite dance was the Pas-de-Deux to Boom-Boom-Pow (called thus by the glorious Sara Oettinger). 

I also wore my sparkly chucks to walk around downtown and then watch Moonstruck at the Charles Hotel with my dear friend Erica Bateserson. This was the day of days for sure. My chucks really like Moonstruck. Sometimes I'll come home and find them sitting in front of the TV watching it. This is very strange for me, as I'm not sure how they figured out how to work the DVD Player.

I can't wait for all the other adventures my sparkly converse and I will have. For they are magical. Like a magic wand, but shoes. And sparkly.

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  1. Love your narrative of the dogs on the bus, it looks like it is so accurate!