Monday, August 9, 2010

Scream Queens, Season 2, Gaiam Balance Ball Chair and My Hetero

1. Scream Queens, Season 2

Today, I love the show Scream Queens, Season 2 because a friend of mine from college (the most BRILLIANT and TALENTED Christine Haeberman) is part of the cast!


Christine is on the far right. Though you probably deduced that as she is clearly the most brilliant and talented person in this photograph.

 2. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

 I actually loved this chair yesterday as well, but I didn't have a blog to tell people about it. 

We got three of these chairs for the Yoga Studio I volunteer at, and I plan on getting one for my office. Some would say this chair will help work your "core muscles" and "strengthen your legs" but who am I kidding... I want to bounce on a ball like a 10-year-old while at my grown-up job. Hells. Yes.

3. My Heterosexual Life Partner, Penny

We love to sing!

We love to dance!

We love to celebrate Easter (aka Natalie's B-day)!

We love being the hottest people in the world!

4. Wedding Dresses

I should be more specific. This past weekend, two of my best friends, Diane and Heather, the most glorious couple known to mankind, purchased their wedding dresses for their wedding next year. That day will probably be the best day of my life except for my own wedding, my Besties' wedding this past May, and my Hetero's someday wedding.

Holy. Crap. This is ridiculous. Luckily this is not what either of their dresses look like. Though it might be what mine will look like. Well either that, or this...

Dogs wearing people clothes are ALWAYS FUNNY. I know what you're thinking, "Who would do this to their dog?" I would, friends. I would.

Also, I've found my perfect bridesmaids dresses. Get ready Penny, Whitney, Heather and Amy. Cause this. Is. It.

In conclusion:
My friend Christine is a famous moviestar. I am unsurprised by this because she is so beautiful and kind and creative and wonderful. Bouncing on your bouncy ball chair makes the day go by faster, and makes work feel like play. Making your work feel like play is very important, I think. My hetero, Penny, is super awesome. I feel bad for everyone in the world who is not best friends with Penny, which is pretty much everyone but Kelly and me. OK, that's not really true. But I hope everyone at least has the equivalent of a Penny. Looking at silly wedding dresses makes me feel silly. Looking at Dee and Heather's most beautiful weddings dresses makes me feel overwhelmed with joyous joy because they are so glorious. That is all.

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