Friday, October 21, 2011

Blog Marriage

Well, friends, I have decided to once again become a one-blog-woman and officially combine my two blogs. Things Deb Loves is, once again, the only blog in my life. Does this mean it will return to only being about loving ridiculous things? 

Well, no.

I started Things Deb Loves at a time in my life when the only things to love were my friends (including two co-workers who kept me from killing myself at a job for which I was truly not suited (Zoe and Maribel FTW!!!!)), and I needed the light silliness of children's lunchboxes and videos of laughing babies. Not to say I don't still need those things. I certainly do. It's just that I don't want to feel separated into two people: a serious, contemplative fat activist and a light-hearted, giggly 30-year-old child. I want to be able to be ALL those things at the same time. In addition, as Soul Twin pointed out, I LOVE emotional processing so why shouldn't I be doing it on this blog of love? 

So I'm going to. 

I apologize if that turns off any of my readers (all 37 of you), but I certainly hope you stick around. 

Today Elizabeth asked me a very simple question that could've been answered in one word. I mis-heard the question and gave a 5-minute answer. I feel this explanation is a too lengthy response to a question you didn't even ask, but I am nothing if not verbose, and I'm sure you aren't surprised.

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