Tuesday, August 30, 2011


About 6 months ago I started drinking coffee. Before I drank it I always WISHED I drank it. People who drank coffee looked so cool and together (remember this post?). While I was unemployed I would get up at 8am and drink about 5 cups of coffee while reading the paper. Was I turning into my father? Perhaps. My Dad (who is hella old) retired when I was 9 years old and since he's been retired (that's 20 years now) reads the whole paper everyday. And up until he became a Mormon/his doctor told him to stop drinking coffee he drank 2 LARGE cups of coffee while reading that paper. He sits at the kitchen table in complete silence, reading the ENTIRE PAPER. He recently started getting the Wall Street Journal sent to his house because the Dallas Morning Star is apparently too liberal for him. He also maintains that Fox News is the only unbiased news station. Oh Dad. But this is not the point. The point is the coffee.

My mom is sups picky about her coffee. When I was little my favorite thing to do was make my mom her coffee. She took it with half an Equal packet and two heaping tablespoons of coffeemate (aka corn). She would tell me to add enough coffeemate that the coffee was the color of my skin, and I remember holding my hand up to the coffee to compare. She tried to make me my coffee when we were in Florida in June and I threw a mini temper tantrum when she tried to put milk in my coffee instead of half and half. That's what happens before I have my coffee. I throw temper tantrums. Sometimes I also throw temper tantrums when I have to go to the dentist, which I did when I was 22... I was literally lying on the floor screaming and crying because I didn't want to go to the dentist... Did I mention I was 22? God is going to smote me with highly emotional children. And I will deserve it.

Coffee is like a thing. I still associate it with being an adult which means now that I drink it I am like a real adult. Sort of. I recently bought this coloring book and have spent 3 out of the past 4 evenings coloring in it. So maybe real adult is a stretch. Anywho, my roommate likes her coffee black, and she has very sensitive taste buds and can notice all these subtle nuances and flavors. I add half and half to mine, so the taste is sadly lost on me, but I appreciate her appreciation. On Sunday, during "Hurricane" Irene we sat on the couch and drank coffee and watched Say Yes to the Dress and What Not to Wear. Well, until the power went out. To be honest, I think the concept of spending so much on a wedding dress is a little excessive but it is fun to watch people cry about dresses. I ESPECIALLY love seeing the women who love ridiculous dresses and then end up buying them and crying about beautiful they are when they are in fact ridiculous. 

This one is see-through.

I also love it when there are chunky ladies on there. I also enjoy hating the women who insist on trying on dresses outside their budget when their parents are paying. I enjoy it all! I am nothing if not a voyeur. Anyway, I got to drink coffee out a legitimate mug on Sunday morning, NOT a travel mug, which I haven't done in FOREVER. It was my city feed mug. 

I was also wearing my pajamas. Drinking coffee out of a mug, on your couch while wearing your pajamas and watching bridal shows is very pleasurable. Only one thing would've make it better.


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