Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is My Response to Learning that Jonah Hill has Lost a Ton of Weight

I'm sure by now you all are aware how much I love chunky bearded guys, but just in case this is the first of my blogs you are reading, I love chunky bearded guys. If I have a type, that's it. Not saying I can't be attracted to other types of men (because if you can make me laugh so hard I pee, you could be Ryan Gosling in that crazy stupid movie, Crazy, Stupid Love for all I care), but if you lined up Brad Pitt, George Clooney, James McAvoy, and Seth Rogen and asked me to pick which one I wanted to sleep with it would be Seth Rogen every time. I mean times a million. Now, if you lined up Seth Rogen, Zac Galifinakis, FAT Jonah Hill and Kevin Smith, THEN I would have a conundrum on my hands. Or an orgy.

Hopefully, an orgy. 

The end.

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