Friday, July 22, 2011

My Two Moms: Engagement Photos

Well, friends, I'm pretty sure if I died tomorrow I'd die happy because I have seen that which I have been waiting to see my whole life. Well, at least the past year. Okay, the past 2 months.

Diane and Heather's Engagement Pictures.

Oh yes. 

This morning, on a hellishly hot morning in Boston, I received an email from Momma H that the pictures were on her photographer's website, and that I. COULD. LOOK. AT. THEM. You can only imagine how I squealed with joy. On the bus. People stared. NBD.

I would like to discuss the following with you all in regards to these photos.

1) GENIUS Photographer
2) Heather's Make-up a la Kate The Awesome
3) Converse Sneakers
4) Diane's Most Glorious Smiling Face
5) Their love

Clearly, this woman captured Diane and Heather's VERY SOULS on camera. I think that everyone who has a wedding should hire her and pay her $1 million dollars. To be honest I want to have a "Deb isn't Engaged" photo shoot, where I just pick a location and have her take pictures of me being me--you know, journaling, crying, hugging strangers and friends, eating hamburgers, dancing, more crying, taking naps, perusing facebook, sitting at my desk, sitting at my desk crying, sitting at my desk looking at Dee and H's engagement photos online and crying, sitting at my desk blogging and crying etc.--just so that I can hang out with her and have her take photographs OF MY SOUL. Duh.

2) Heather's Make-Up a la Kate the Awesome
Kate and I have met only a few times. But our love was sealed at Bridal Bridal this past Saturday when we had a bow bouquet making contest. I'm pretty sure she won. Cause she is awesome.

Look at her there. Being all awesome.

Anywho, Kate did Heather's make-up, and it. is. awesome. Awesome awesome awesome awesome. 

Kate. Awesome.

3) Converse Sneakers

You all know of my OBSESSIVE love of Converse sneakers. And my slightly obsessive love of Dee and H. And my slightly obsessive love for this woman.

Katy could win awards for most glorious face. But back to the point.
Converse Sneakers.

Please note how awesome Dee's legs are. I've been telling her for years that they are hot and now, here on my blog, there is photographic evidence. It seems that Sandra is even awesome at capturing the VERY SOUL of Diane's awesome legs. Bravo Sandra!!!

4) Diane's Most Glorious Smiling Face

The Out/Down/Tilt changes lives ONCE AGAIN.

5) Their Love

I hope everyone in the world gets to have love like Dee and H do. And I think everyone in the world who doesn't get to be friends with Dee and H and be loved by them should be a little jealous of those of us who do. And though to some my enthusiasm for their love might seem over-zealous (it even feels that way to me most of the time), I believe it comes from a good place. Because they are so lucky to have each other. 

And I feel lucky to have them.

11-11-11 or bust!


  1. Yeah! I'm in your blog! At last, the golden nugget to include on my resume.

  2. Loving the pirate flag behind Heather's head! You know how I love me a pirate, cause I was reincarnated from one.