Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brightly Colored Anything

So last night, I left my faithful pink Klean Kanteen water bottle at the Somerville Theatre. Dee went and looked for it where I left it, and Soul Twin is looking for it again tonight, but I have a habit of losing things with finality, and so I am worried it is gone forever.

I found it in a rehearsal space at Tanglewood, ran it through the dishwasher and VOILA! A new old waterbottle for Deborah. I actually did this once with a teal Nalgene I found in a park on my way to the grocery store. This is unsurprising as when I was little I used to eat candy off the ground. And not candy that I had dropped. Just candy. That I found. On the ground.

There is a SLIGHT chance that my pink waterbottle is actually in my bag at home. I literally collapsed when I got home last night, falling asleep next to a large pile of stuff on my bed and had to rush to leave the house this morning since I slept through my alarm. But I should have a back up waterbottle anyhow.

Enter my new friend:

It. Is. So. Glorious. It has the sun shining. It has a green bird flying. It has sheep with squiggly lines grazing. It has a house with a funny chimney. A Yellow sun. It has a tree house in a weird teal tree with branches that look like snakes. Come on. THIS. WATERBOTTLE. IS. AMAZING.

I have named my waterbottle Beatrice.

Now of course, I was drawn to Beatrice because she is brightly colored. I would now like to discuss all the other wonderful things in the world that are brightly colored.

My new tissue box

When I saw this box of tissues at CVS I knew we were meant to be.

Penny Hansen. Just in general.

She is like bright pink. But a person.

Prince Sparkles con Carne

He is a nice bright yellow. But mostly I love this picture. I won Prince Sparkles con Carne at Dave and Busters in Providence, Rhode Island. Prince Sparkles con Carne had crooked eyes. In this photo I was trying to make my eyes look crooked like Print Sparkles con Carne's. Clearly, I succeeded.

This Dog

Okay. So he is TECHNICALLY not brightly colored. But the other day, while standing outside the stage door at the Somerville Theatre, this poofy dream walked by. And he had the nicest dog parents ever. His name was Kogee. Kudos. Koleander. I don't remember. But I got to kneel down and scratch his poofy back and kiss his poofy face and DIE OF JOY A LITTLE BIT INSIDE.


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