Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jamaica Plain: Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Pond is about 2 blocks from my house. It is 1.6 miles around. It has a gazebo and a little tiny boathouse. And in the middle of the pond is a tiny tangle of land and trees where geese hang out when families aren't feeding them bread, or they aren't chasing me down the sidewalk. The geese. Not the families. 

Just last week, while talking with Besties, a goose started chasing me. I, of course, screamed and ran, not thinking about the fact that I am twice the height and about 10 times the weight of that beaked creature, not thinking about the fact that geese have flat teeth so the worst that goose could've done would be to pinch me. But I might be allergic to goose bites. I don't know cause I've never been bitten.

If you walk around Jamaica Pond on a sunny day, you see a dog about every 5 seconds. And all the owners are friendly and talkative so you can pet lots of dogs and talk with lots of nice people. When I was training for a 5K, I realized the pond is almost EXACTLY 5 kilometers if you go around twice. I did that once. I think it was the one time I really hated that fucking pond.

I remember going running the day after easter when the pond had flooded and covered the sidewalks and trees that lined the water. 

One winter, Amy, Jan and I went sledding on a hill by the pond. One person would sled, another person would take pictures, and the third would wait at the bottom of the hill to jump onto the person sledding if it looked like they were going to sled into the frozen water.

Amy almost sledded into the pond but I SAVED HER!

Also that afternoon, we saw the most beautiful sunset EVER.

Then there is the Lantern Fesitval. You can buy a lantern making kit at City Feed for a couple weeks before the fesitval, but you can also buy one pre-made once you get to the pond. The lanterns are made of recycled 2 liter soda bottles and tissue paper (in true JP style).

Once you light your lantern you take a walk around the pond, so when you look across the water, you see all these little lights. It's like there are stars across the pond. Little, moving stars. MAGIC.

Jan, Sara and I all went one year.

I ate a delicious empananda and Sara and I shared a homemake apple cider.

Then we went to Same Old Place and got pizza and beer.

Just last week, Jan and I rode our bikes around the pond. When I move to Belmont I will be close(ish) to Fresh Pond. But does Fresh Pond have a lantern festival? Is Fresh Pond within walking distance of the ORIGINAL J.P.Licks? IS FRESH POND IN JP? I didn't think so.

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