Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jamaica Plain: City Feed

When I first moved to JP I thought it was called "City Feed and Seed." I thought that was such a funny name cause it sounded like a farm store. To be honest "City Feed and Supply" sounds equally cattle-y, but I liked the name a little bit more when it involved seeds.

City Feed has delicious sandwiches and miraculously overpriced groceries. But the draw of City Feed is the two block proximity to my house and the cast of hipsters who work there. Elizabeth and I recently distinguised between "hipsters" and "douchesters." A hipster is a clean hippy. They are usually pretty crunchy. They buy their clothes at thrift stores and compost their food scraps. "Douchesters" buy their clothes at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. They are pretentious and snobby about their wolf sweaters and obscure bands that no one has ever heard of because they aren't any good. 

Lucky for all of us, the former works at City Feed. Everyone there is so friendly and lovely. They also have the most delicious coffee called "Mind, Body and Soul." Isn't that a nice name? The BEST THING about the coffee though is the cream. I use half and half at home because I just can't bring myself to purchase a quart of anything with the word "heavy" in the name, but the label on the cannister at City Feed just says, "Cream," so I can delude myself it is not as heavy. OH GOD IT IS DELCIOUS. And they have honey water. You heard me: HONEY. WATER. You can sweeten your coffee with honey freaking water. Also you can get a bagel with Tofu cream cheese which is the BALLS. Also, they sell Iggy's bagels which are the most delicious bagels ever. They also have lots of fancy cheeses AND a resident cheese expert. One of the guys behind the counter once told Penny and I how to bake cheese into a pie crust. It wasn't hard, but still he shared that. 

I bought the most beautiful mug at City Feed.

I also bought the most beautiful T-shirt at City Feed.

This morning, while walking down Seaverns Ave (which is how I walk to the T when I stop at City Feed in the morning) I thought, "how lovely the world is."

One time on Seaverns Ave I heard this strange beautiful sound in the morning stillness which turned out to be a flag rubbing against itself. It was like a nylon whisper. It was so magical. Walking down the street, drinking my coffee with cream and honey water in my reusable mug, with a bagel with tofu cream cheese in my bag, alive and in the world...

It seems when listed a lot of the things I love about JP are food related, but to be honest I love it for that moment. For morning stillness and nylon whispers and hipsters (not douchesters) and real cream.

I was at the JP J.P. Licks once and noticed that at the Coolidge Corner J.P. Licks they had more choices for Non-Fat Frozen Yogurts, and at the JP J.P. Licks they had more real ice cream flavors. This makes sense to me. Cause people who live in JP appreciate deliciousness. Cause JP is delicious. 

And, yes, I'm crying about it.

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