Friday, May 20, 2011

Woody's Grill and Tap

So, I moved to Boston in 2004 to attend the Boston Conservatory (of Ass). No lie, I hate that fucking place. But it was worth it to give them slightly less than a billion dollars in order to meet some of my favorite and specialist people in all the world.

My Soul Twin

My Biscuit

My Jan

Well, tonight the four of us are meeting at our old grad school stomping ground, Woody's Grill and Tap.

Woody's was the first place I ever drank green beer. It was in the alley of Woody's where I first smoked some "funny stuff" (as Dee would say). It was walking home from Woody's where I first realized that when I drink too much I fall over. Oh the memories.

Drunk Memory 1:

 So we had to be in choir in grad school, and because I was KIND OF a diva (can you imagine it? Me self-centered and dramatic?) I kind of hated it. So the night of one of our concerts I got all dolled up and met some friends for pre-concert drinks (4 drinks to be specific). When I stopped by my house to pick up my music, I thought, "I'm not wearing enough teal eye shadow." So I put on more. This was the result.


Drunk Memory 2:

My first year at Tanglewood my dear friend Gretchen was a piano teacher at BUTI. One night, we walked from her house to a local bar, got plastered and then walked back. On our way back we laid on a stranger's lawn because the stars were just so beautiful and quoted the e.e. cummings poem "i carry your heart" ("this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart"). Then we went back to her house, and I fell asleep in her bed. I had a dream that I was in a very ornate bathroom in a Chinese garden. The bathroom was painted red, and there were ferns everywhere. I REALLY had to pee, but I just couldn't. When I finally did, I woke up and realized I was peeing myself. In my friends bed. Great. Luckily, I didn't pee very much. It only got on me, not on her bed. Is this too much information? Probably.

There is no picture to accompany this story. You're welcome.

Drunk Memory 3:

When we would get drunk, my friend Joel would always try to make out with me because it made me so amazingly uncomfortable. He would also speak to me in Italian. If I was as smart then as I am now, I would've just called his bluff and made out with him, but alas. Live and learn.

To bring it full circle, grad school was not any less fun because I can't remember half of it. And though I don't drink hardly at all anymore, I am glad I got to get drunk and stupid while I could. I am also glad that, bearing in mind all the ridiculously stupid things I did while drunk, Soul Twin, Biscuit and My Jan are still my friends.

Holla, bitches!

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