Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dogs Wearing Bandanas

This morning while walking to work I saw a dog wearing a bandana and I thought to myself, "Why do dogs look so great in bandanas?" To which I responded with another question, "Why don't I have a dog, so that we could wear matching bandanas?" To which I responded with a bout of spontaneous weeping and breast beating while shouting, "MISTER WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!! MISTER WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anywho, dogs in bandanas look like little farm hands. Or messy eaters. Or bee keepers. Little hairy bee keepers.

Look at how pissed this dog is. He is thinking, "If  you don't take this bandana off my  neck I'm going to poop in your bed." Too bad. Cause he looks pretty freaking adorable. He looks like a wee bandit. He will roam the wild west highjacking wee freight trains and shooting up wee banks. 

This is a fancy bandana. Almost like an ascot. Cause Lassie is fancy, okay. You can tell by the way her paw is folded under her that she thinks she better than you. And she would be right.

Everytime I see a boxer, all I can think is, "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCE." This friend got his bandana from Etsy. Clearly. I wonder if she'd let me borrow it cause it's kind of cute.

As a side note, one time I tired the dog sorbet at J.P. Licks. It was okay.

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