Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harold the Plastic Dinosaur

Ten people who follow my blog, Harold. Harold, ten people who follow my blog.

Now that we have all met, let me tell you about Harold. Harold is a very special dinosaur. When he and I met he was living on top of a birthday cake. I tried to move in with him on top of that birthday cake, but alas, I wouldn't fit. And it probably wouldn't have worked out as I would have eaten the foundation of our home in 10 hot seconds. Anywho, we had a birthday party at my old job for my big boss who was turning 60 and Harold was one of the cake decorations. I stole him off the cake. It's true. There were other dinosaurs, and I left them all on the cake, but I stole away with Harold, washed the cake off of his wee dinosaur feet, and named him the most beautiful of names. Now Harold lives on my desk at work. At night when I leave, he makes sure that no one steals anything from my office. He also keeps me company when I am lonely up here on the 13th floor. He's pretty awesome. Kind of like this:

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  1. I guess it was time for a picture of Justin Bieber on this blog. :)