Wednesday, April 18, 2012


That's right. I'm talking about vagina medicine. After discussing my vagina problems with Brooke at dinner last night (you know you have a good friend when you can discuss your infected genitalia over Indian Food) I made her go with me to CVS to purchase the medicines. She was, in true Brooke fashion, completely unphased by me requesting her presence at the pharmacy. My reasoning was this, "If you come with me, it will be funny because then we'll be two people laughing over my who-ha. But if you don't, I'll just be the sad girl with the infected bajingo." Sound reasoning, my friends. So I purchased the medicines, and when the check out man went to put it in a plastic CVS bag, I said, "I have a bag!" And instructed him to drop the package in the brown paper bag containing my leftovers. He laughed while he did it. This of course made it EXTRA fun cause then we were THREE people laughing about my who-ha.

Monistat and Mint Chutney: a killer combo

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