Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Deb Loves to Crochet: Mom's B-day Scarf

This past April 25 my mom celebrated her 60th birthday. I had been planning to make her a gift with my new crocheting skills since I learned how to crochet earlier in the year, so while at Michael's in February purchased A LOT of Carron Simply Soft yarn (on sale - $3 per skein!). I actually bought the periwinkle specifically to make something for my mom and the sea foam to make leg warmers for myself. But when looking into my crochet box in early April I saw the two colors lying next to each other and thought they looked so lovely, thus the stripes were born. I used some leftover red yarn from Baby Lydia's blanket to stitch a heart onto the corner, just as a reminder to my mom that I made this with lots of love. Happy 60th birthday, Momsies!! I'm so glad you were born and are my mom.

Pattern: Double Crochet, 7 Rows in each color
Hook: 5 M (H)
Yarn: Carron Simply Soft - Worsted Weight
Colors: Berry Blue, Blue Mint
Amount: About one and a half 6 oz skeins of each color

My beautiful mom in her scarf!

As a side note, while crocheting this scarf, I finally figured out how to properly start a piece, as well as realized that doing 3 chains at the end of the row before turning while utilizing double crochet creates a lovely scallop-like edge. 


  1. i'm doing it! i'm coming out as a closet reader of your blog! i feel weird because you don't know me! perhaps that is a success for you. someone you don't know is reading your blog. and finds it hilarious, gripping, and worth her time.

    i know your brother and somehow this blog was posted to his facebook--some comment he left on your post about the adventures with freegan man--and it intrigued me. and so i follow the blog!

    i love that you crochet! i am a knitter and how wonderful to learn that you are a crocheter. lovely job on the scarf--did your mom love it?

    i love your determination to recognize your own beauty. because it is there and it is stunning! I wish more women had your zeal.

    i love the new theme with your necklace and the blue and the yellow.
    very lovely.

    those are the some of the things i love! i love your blog!

    1. Natalie, this is awesome! There is no greater honor than someone you've never met enjoying your writing. Can't wait to hear about more things YOU love! :) Thanks so much for reading!

    2. Also, one of my goals for the next decade is to learn how to knit! Apparently knitting is a lot more versatile than crocheting. I do associate crocheting with my dear friend, Lindsey, though, so it will probably always be my primary mode of crafting. :)

      My mom did love the scarf! I am trying to get her to send a picture of her wearing it, which should be up in the next few days.

      AND I'm glad you like the new theme! At first I thought it might be strange to have a picture of my chest as the header, and, though it IS kind of strange, I still really like it. :)