Monday, September 12, 2011


When I started kindergarten I refused to wear pants. I would only wear dresses with ruffles and full skirts. In fact if the skirt of a dress did not go STRAIGHT OUT when I twirled I would lose interest. 

In the end, my mom found it easier to just make me dresses since I refused to wear ANYTHING without a full skirt and ruffles. And the dresses she made... WHOOEY were they ruffley. Oh and they all had poof sleeves. That was the other thing. I. Loved. Poof. Sleeves.

When my brother Jeffrey got married I was 5, and I got to be the Flower Girl. The dress was purple satin with a huge, hot pink, ruffley, lace flounce on the back, and a HUGE pink satin bow. When I saw that dress I instantly pooped my pants with joy. I actually remember having heart palpitations I was so excited to wear it. And once I obtained that dress I wanted to wear it everyday. But of course I couldn't. Cause I spilled on my clothes as a child as much as a I now do as an adult. And there were no tidesticks in 1987. And I had to look nice for the wedding.

Anywho, in kindergarten I remember sitting on the slide and having a classmate of mine tell me I was the prettiest girl in the class. My response then: "I know." My response now: "Duh." With my curly hair and my green eyes and that gap in my teeth, twirling around in a pink dress with poofed sleeves covered in ruffles? Shut up. I was like the cutest child ever.

And then I developed body image problems. And I only wore over-sized t-shirts that I stole from my dad that more often than not had pictures of wolves screenprinted on them. I LOVED wolf t-shirts.

I probably would've pooped my pants over this shirt in middle school.

Well friends, we've gone full circle. I have recently re-discovered my love of skirts. I have decided, since I have grown out of most of my pants, that instead of buying more pants I am only going to buy skirts. Skirts and skirts only. Full skirts, pencil skirts, floral skirts, denim skirts. I don't give a crap as long as they make my butt look bangin or stick straight out when I twirl. AND I WILL BE TWIRLING. Also, I will be investing in brightly colored tights. And maybe some rainbow-stripe tights. And maybe some tie-dye tights.

Everyday I am adult. Everyday I pay my bills and go to work and drink my coffee and feed myself and brush my teeth and (sometimes) make my bed. I balance my checkbook and invest in relationships that are as difficult as they are rewarding. I struggle with my disordered eating and I struggle with my body image (both worthy struggles). So if I can dress like I did in kindergarten, if I can bring myself a little joy by ditching the concept of pants and by ONLY WEARING SKIRTS WITH RAINBOW TIGHTS I'm gonna do it.

Cause my office has almost no dress code. Booyah.

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